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It's the real "second Temple", the spiritual one, made not of stones but of souls, of humans who are chosen and called by God (our heavenly Father) and awakened and driven by the Holy Spirit. And the cornerstone of this new Temple is Christ. It's not a new religion, but a new phase of the Judeo-Christian myth, of the cosmic drama that is going on in the background of our conscious life (in the collective unconscious): after the Era of the Father in the Age of Aries (Old Testament) and the Era of the Son in the age of Pisces (New Testament), by approaching the age of Aquarius we are entering the new era - the era of the Holy Spirit in which God's "plan of salvation" (a new creation), announced in the Holy Scriptures, will be more on more vividly manifested.

As St. Paul taught the Gentiles (those who were not Jews) in his epistle to the Ephesians:

"So then, you Gentiles are not foreigners or strangers any longer; you are now citizens together with God's people (Abraham's seed) and members of the family of God. You, too, are built upon the foundation laid by the apostles and prophets, the cornerstone being Christ Jesus himself. He is the one who holds the whole building together and makes it grow into a sacred temple dedicated to the Lord. In union with him you too are being built together with all the others into a place where God lives through his Spirit." Eph 2, 19-22

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